Located in the College of Media and Communication, Northwestern University’s campus in Qatar on Education City, the Media Majlis is open to the public to view the digital exhibitions.

The digital exhibitions are displayed on a mosaic of flat panel displays, panoramic projection, interactive touch screens, providing visitors and engaging experience with both linear and non-linear video content supported by a back end content management and playout solution.

Exhibitions may be based on templates or new configurations created. Offline exhibition building lets curators build upcoming exhibits in the virtual space. These can be reviewed in the physical space out of hours while the current exhibition is open to the public during the day.

Media flows from one area to another across mosaics of flat panel displays, interactive and panoramic screens. Video, photography, graphics, text, live feeds and data visualizations may all be displayed and choreographed into a cohesive whole to form a Media Majlis exhibition.

An overall sound scape follows the gallery experience whilst localized focused sound at each interactive display provides the audio track specific to each visitor’s investigation of the content.

Display cases are used to house print media accompanied by touch displays to provide the back story and connect the physical exhibits with the exhibition as a whole.